RIDE100 Pt 1. Getting on my bike and staying there - with a little help from my friends!

I’ve been an all-weather cycle commuter for some years now and I took the exciting graduation step from my trusty TREK hybrid boy's bike to a Women's road bike this Spring...  and LOVED it! I’d previously picked up a RIDE100 leaflet (which somehow had remained stuck on the fridge) and when I became romanced by the new found speed of my bike and started developing a sense of being a 'more serious' cyclist, well, the wheels were in motion to actually take part! 

I proudly opted to ride for the Mental Health Foundation - a very worthwhile charity which promotes a very important yet overlooked issue. I registered, and with that my fundraising and training journey began in earnest.

As I already cycle some 80 miles/week my general fitness was already pretty good. But nonetheless, journeys to and from work became training runs, powering up all the hills to work out the legs and get the heart rate going. The odd weekend visit to Alexander Palace and the Heath in Hampstead made for some slightly longer rides. And a 52 mile weekender Surrey visit which took in Box Hill (in both directions) and the steeper West Humble bolstered my confidence and belief in 'I can really do this! '


But then… potential disaster! My rising excitement and confidence took a literal tumble some 3 weeks prior to the event, when I sustained a left calf strain.  Not during a power ride up a steep incline but after an innocent trot down some steps in Angel. Typical! The strain to my soleus was bearable on the bike but hugely painful in walking and I became worried that it wouldn’t stand up to a long endurance race in just a couple of weeks... Never have I felt so lucky to be part of the Rebalance team with expert care on tap. Having the team diagnose what was going on and support me through what might have been a race ending injury was amazing. Sincere and wonderful thanks to go both Andrew and Tom for all their hands on care: deep tissue massage, laser and kinesiotaping, which got me ready for the event.  It was right down to the wire boys but you got me there! xx


Patched up and repaired... with 5 days to go, I went all out 'pro' getting road bike pedals, shoes and cleats. What do they say:  ‘All the gear?!’... 


Full of anticipation, I was ready to go...

Louise Camp
Osteopath |  Sports Massage Therapist
The Rebalance Team

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