London Marathon countdown: 8 weeks to go

The end of February should be a welcome time for those training for the London Marathon. The earlier sunrise allows for a morning run for those inclined, and the warmer weather means less layers and easier breathing. 



Here at Rebalance we're keen to for you to consider your body as a whole (the underpinning principle of osteopathy!) For runners specifically this can be applied in a number of ways. Here's a few things to think about:

Some core training is invaluable because your core strength gives power to your body. Engaging your core muscles supports your limbs and ultimately allows for a more powerful running style with a high arm swing, and greater stride.  

Try to avoid leading with your head. Driving your run from the hips, and your upper limbs via connective tissue lines that connect into your back creates a strong yet relaxed running style. 

When running think about your body position, torso over your pelvis, relaxed fluid shoulders, and easy swinging rotation through the upper back. Visualising a flowing style can help some runners put it into practice. 


At the '8 weeks to go' point, most running plans suggest a few half-marathon type distances in your training schedule. Make sure your prepared physically, physiologically and mentally for this! We advise keeping a check on your hydration (water/caffeine) intake, restorative sleep (early to bed!) and stretching regime (little and often). Take care not to forget about stretching your upper body and lower ribs and abdominals which can give you better propulsion and more efficient in-exercise breathing.

Not long now....

Enjoy the journey!

Louise Camp
Osteopath  |  Sports Massage Therapist
The Rebalance Clinic 



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