Osteopathy for Pregnancy & Pregnancy Massage in London SE1

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a time of new beginnings and significant changes to your body; with physical, physiological and emotional effects. Symptoms of lower/upper back and neck pain, leg pain, swollen ankles, exhaustion and fatigue are common.

At Rebalance we are here to support you and keep you in the best of health before and during pregnancy,  and then after the birth of your baby. We offer Osteopathy for pregnancy (30 or 60 minutes), Pregnancy Massage (60 minutes) and a Osteopathy and Pregnancy Massage package (90 minutes) 

Osteopathy for pregnancy offers a safe and effective adjunct to your standard prenatal care from 12 weeks to birth whilst
Pregnancy Massage can help you relax throughout your pregnancy, delivering physiological benefits and a sense of calm.

Pregnancy Massage

A tailored 60 minute pregnancy massage from a fully qualified and experienced osteopath & massage therapist trained in pregnancy massage.

Our prenatal side-lying massage is a gentle yet focussed body wide treatment designed to reduce muscular tension and anxiety, enhance circulation, encourage fluid drainage, reduce swelling, elevate mood, & help regulate your breathing and sleeping patterns. Enjoy looking after yourself in our quiet and relaxing clinic environment.

Please note. We advise removal of your bra for the treatment for full benefit and relaxation; we use towels and pillows to keep you covered and comfortable.


Osteopathy appointments | 30 or 60 minutes (double session) tailored for you and your stage of pregnancy or preparation.

Osteopathy | Antenatal care Gentle, specific and non-pharmaceutical osteopathic techniques help your body adjust to the physical, physiological and emotional changes of pregnancy. Obstetric osteopathy aims to:

  • relieve pain in the low back, neck, pelvis/ hips
  • help the body to accommodate the changes in body structure/ biomechanics
  • improve circulation of blood, fluid drainage and breathing mechanics
  • reduce swelling of the ankles, wrists, reducing the possibility of carpel tunnel syndrome
  • lessen abdominal discomfort and constipation by influencing stomach and bowel function
  • promote optimum workings of the pelvic organs (uterus) by influencing their nerve supply
  • help prepare the body for delivery

Osteopathy | Preparing for pregnancy Osteopathy can play an important role in helping you prepare for pregnancy, before conception. The aim is to optimise your health, including:

  • the mobility of the spine and joints, breathing mechanics and posture;
  • helping your body prepare for the significant changes that happen once you are pregnant, reducing their impact on your body and improving your recovery after delivery.

Osteopathy | Postnatal care In the months following birth, osteopathy can be used to:

  • relieve pain due to the effects of labour
  • accommodate changes in body structure & posture
  • help rebuild core stability
  • relieve discomfort from carrying and feeding the newborn

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We provide osteopathy, sports massage, pregnancy massage, pilates and yoga services in London SE1 (near Waterloo Station). Our address is RAMBERT, 99 Upper Ground, The South Bank, London SE1 9PP.

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