The Back

Your back is a complex collection of bones, joints, discs, ligaments and muscles. Built to absorb shock and support you in movement, when part of it isn’t working it can be a real pain. 

Low back pain is commonly caused by a change or increase in physical activity, poor posture, lack of core strength or as we get older, degenerative conditions. This can result in joint locking, muscle spasm, bulging discs and nerve root pain (commonly known as sciatica).

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends osteopathy and acupuncture for the effective treatment of non specific low back pain. At Rebalance we will look at how your back is moving, what might be causing any dysfunction and how we can help you get back to pain free movement through osteopathic treatment, acupuncture, advice and home exercises tailored to you.

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Top five tips for a healthy back:

  1. Movement. Take two minutes each morning to gently stretch and move whilst seated to encourage fresh blood into your lower back area.
  2. Exercise. Regular low impact exercise such as walking or swimming (especially backstroke) can help. Walk up the escalator, get off the bus one stop earlier, take the stairs - small steps can make a big difference.
  3. Care. Look after yourself - think about your back when you're bending down and lifting objects. Carry objects close to your chest and avoid twisting when bending and lifting, use your knees - that's what they are there for!
  4. Bags. Back-pack it! Avoiding carrying heavy bags on one shoulder.
  5. Posture. Support yourself - think about your sitting and sleeping posture. Does your seating give you support and allow you to sit up comfortably? Consider a back support for chairs you spend a lot of time in, avoid slouching and excessive couch time. Choose a supportive mattress which suits your height, weight and sleeping position. 


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