The Older Patient

Osteopath services for the elderly

The stresses, strains and enjoyment of life can start to take their toll in your later years. At Rebalance we appreciate the need for you to keep active and understand that aches, pains, fatigue and conditions such as arthritis can keep you from enjoying your life to its fullest.

We look at you, the person as a whole, and have sound knowledge about the body wide changes which happen as you age which affect your health, healing and physical ability.

Osteopathy offers gentle yet effective techniques for keeping you moving, relieving tension, restriction and pain.  

Life is movement; at Rebalance we can help you keep in top form and get on with your daily life and continue your sports and activities.

Where are we located?

We provide osteopathy, sports massage, pregnancy massage, pilates and yoga services in London SE1 (near Waterloo Station). Our address is RAMBERT, 99 Upper Ground, The South Bank, London SE1 9PP.

Have questions?

Get in touch with your specific questions. Call us 020 7127 8127, email or ask via our contact us form.