Running injury treatment in London

A runner

At Rebalance, we understand your passion for running.

Whether you have just started or are an experienced runner, our treatment speeds up recovery time after your training, it reduces the risk of injury and helps to maintain high levels of training to push your limits. 

Marathon MOT
We understand how hard it is to run 26 miles! We've been there and done it. Every year we look after runners who have undertaken the challenge of running the London Marathon or other races around the world. 

Having worked with runners for over 5 years Tomas Bittner has an understanding of running injuries and how we can get you back to running as quickly as possible.

Train hard, stay fit and have fun!

How we treat running injuries

We offer runners a route to better health and recovery from injury through osteopathysports massage and pilates.

Where to find our running injury clinic

You can see an osteopath, get a sport massage or avail of of our pilates services at Rebalance Clinic, RAMBERT, 99 Upper Ground, The South Bank, London SE1 9PP. This is located near Waterloo Station (behind The National Theatre).

Have Questions?

Get in touch. Call us 020 7127 8127, email or ask via our contact us form.