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Sports injury
Runner with a sports injury

Sports injuries are common amongst the active, healthy, sport enthusiasts of London.

Most sports injuries are caused by accidents, excessive or an unsuitable training schedule, incorrect warm up, cool down regime or improper equipment use. 

Don't let pain stop you. Take charge of your health and training. At Rebalance's sports injury clinic, we have the expertise in sports and injury care to help you.

Common types of sports injuries we treat include:

  • ligament sprains
  • muscle strains
  • tendonitis problems
  • impact traumas

Life is movement; the Rebalance team are here to help you get moving and back to your sport or training as quickly and safely as possible with advice on your routine to avoid future injury. 


How we treat sports injuries

We offer sports people a route to better health and recovery from injury through osteopathysports massage and pilates.


You can see an osteopath, get a sport massage or avail of of our pilates services at Rebalance Clinic, RAMBERT, 99 Upper Ground, The South Bank, London SE1 9PP. This is located near Waterloo Station (behind The National Theatre).

Have questions?

Get in touch with your specific questions or concerns about osteopathy, sports massage or pilates and how they can be used to treat sports injuries. Call us 020 7127 8127, email or ask via our contact us form.