General treatment

Osteopathy, sports massage, pregnancy massage and pilates in London that meets your requirements

People who have availed of our osteopathy, sports massage, pilates and yoga services.

We believe that a good physical balance is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We like to work with the widest range of people we can, from young to the old, and can tailor a program specifically for you.  Whether you are suffering with generalised aches and pains, carry a lot of stress, if you are recovering from injury or perhaps just feel in need of a more general health check up, the Rebalance team offer a route forwards to a healthier and happier you; through osteopathy, sports massage or Pilates.

It is our philosophy to seek out best possible health for each individual  and give you the advice, knowledge and routine to reduce your risk of pain or injury and address the stresses and strains of your daily life and activities. 

Treatments are comprehensive and whole body focused. We offer personalised exercises and advice on posture, ergonomics, diet, stress and lifestyle changes which can improve your quality of life and to prevent future symptoms and injuries.

MOT treatments

At Rebalance we recommend maintenance treatments for people of all ages for symptom prevention and pain management. We will assess you at regular but well spaced intervals and identify problems before they cause you pain. Our aim is to keeping you independent, moving, healthy and happy.

Where are we located?

We provide osteopathy, sports massage, pregnancy massage, pilates and yoga services in London SE1 (near Waterloo Station). Our address is RAMBERT, 99 Upper Ground, The South Bank, London SE1 9PP.

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