Head and Neck

The neck is a hugely mobile structure, supporting your head which is one seventh of your body weight. If you look around many of us spend a lot of time looking down at computers, mobile phones, tablets which can lead to neck pain. It is also linked with stress, long hours at the desk, in the car, postural issues, as well as a result of a fall or car accident. 

Whether your symptoms are neck pain or restricted movement the commonest causes are muscle strains, locked joints, 'trapped' nerves, degeneration or overstretched ligaments which may also be the reason for headaches, jaw and arm pain.

At Rebalance we will look at your posture and how your neck and upper back move, what might be causing any dysfunction and how we can help you get back to pain free movement through osteopathic treatment, acupuncture, advice and home exercises tailored to you. 

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Almost all of us have suffered with headaches at some time. Osteopathy has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of most headaches. Once we have diagnosed the cause of your headache type Rebalance can offer you rapid relief of your symptoms through a variety of osteopathic treatments.

Headaches can stop you in your tracks. Take a step towards reclaiming your sense of calm and balance. BOOK ONLINE or Call 020 7127 8127 to make an appointment to visit us today – we can make a real difference. 


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