Hip and Pelvis

Together, your hip and pelvis are the junction point and link between your lower and upper body.  The hip joint is the major joint of locomotion for the body, and all the forces of the upper body and gravity are transferred to the pelvis from the lower back. If something isn't functioning as it should, it can cause restriction, pain and fatigue. 

Problems in the hip joint can refer pain to the buttock, groin or leg. Similarly, pain felt in your hip may actually stem from a problem in your pelvis or back. Hip and back problems can also give rise to the symptoms of what is commonly called sciatica (a line of pain radiating downward from the buttock over the back or side of the thigh sometimes felt through the leg and into the foot with possible numbness or weakness).

Hip pain can arise at any age: Active people and sports enthusiasts may experience symptoms from overuse, the older patient may suffer due to an arthritic condition and women may experience pelvic and hip pain either during pregnancy or after childbirth. 

At Rebalance we aim to give you the tools take control of your health by understanding the causes of pain and symptoms in your hip, pelvis or lower back. We appreciate the need for good hip and pelvic health to keep you moving, whether it be popping to the shops, keeping up with the children, walking the dog or running a marathon! Rebalance will provide a tailored solution to  restore your mobility and help provide pain free movement.

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